Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

The Greatest Pleasure

MOW do mobile spa in all 9 provinces .It brings wellness services from massage ,fitness classes, audiologist, biokinetics and dieticians services at the door of your home, offices, hotel and any venue of your choice.

Festive Season De-stress

Introducing massage at your work stations you’re not only promoting health but boasting the morale of the office for the team to perform at their best ability ……

Introducing fitness classes at your work place highly beneficial to employees, improves self-confidence, more energy ,more positive attitudes as stress level will be low, fit employees are more less likely to get sick .

Introducing Biokinetics at work place is to help design scientifically based exercise programme for individual that are correct for their needs based on their condition. This will increase productivity and less absenteeism to avoid low turnover

introducing audiologist at work place to avoid employees work performance and relationship to be badly affected due to hearing problems ……..

introducing Dieticians at work place will help to tailored approach to diet, disease and food allergy management, effective and long term weight loss, support and motivation and problem solving

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